BYOD in the Enterprise:
10 Questions with

Webalo CEO
Peter Price

December 5, 2012
What is the source of innovation in business? Gartner says it's not the IT department. In the opinion of the trusted consulting firm, IT generally "responds, rather than initiates." But if your technology team did happen to come out with a great new mobile app today, could your company be using it tomorrow? 

Peter Price is a serial technology entrepreneur, and Los Angeles-based Webalo is his fifth technology company. The roots of Webalo began with Peter's vision and reflections on the question of how users would interact with applications and data as the web transitions from a primarily text-based environment to an increasingly real-time, transaction-centric environment. 

"If you look at mobile devices as a whole and how they really took hold in the enterprise, RIM had a lot to do with it. When we got up in the morning, the Blackberry got us, instead of doing something sensible, like exercising or having breakfast, to start in on our e-mails. That's a large part of why companies were buying them by the thousands. 

The interesting direction this has taken now though is in the areas of community and immediacy and personalization. This device you have with you all the time is a live connection to all the things in the world you need to be connected to. That constant connectivity is what will have the next huge impact on the enterprise, and it's only just starting to realize it. At every level of the business, you have employees and partners who are connected to information and to each other."

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